Mission Statement

MissionMosaik is a movement of churches that recognizes we are living in a special moment in God’s mission, and therefore seeks the salvation of all people groups and intercultural reconciliation between nationals, immigrants and refugees through the power of the gospel, in our churches, all across Europe, and beyond.

Core Values

As we serve and cooperate with all denominations, we call on all churches to join with God in His mission in and through the local church, a mission that consists of the following DNA:


  1. Intercultural
  • We want to help plant new congregations and initiatives and transform existing congregations to be intentionally intercultural. We believe that every church member of the base culture (mono-) is to open his heart, his home and the church community to welcome and serve the people God sends from every language and culture group (multi-). We call for mono-multicultural congregations as the new normal of today’s church

  1. Gospel-Driven
  • As we submit to the Bible as God’s Word and our infallible authority for faith and life, we seek to know, teach, and proclaim the Scriptures with theological depth and Christ-centredness. The entire content of the Bible can be summarized as the gospel, the good news of Jesus Christ. Through the gospel God saves us. By the gospel Jesus frees us. With the gospel the Holy Spirit fashions us. We call on the church to be gospel-driven in all things.

  1. Missional
  • We believe God’s Holy Spirit is on a mission to call people of all nationalities and religions to God’s salvation through God’s Saviour, Jesus Christ. Therefore, we recognize that our country and our immediate surrounding is the mission field for every church. Our missional focus drives us to much and constant prayer for many conversions and a spiritual awakening of our country in this time. We call on all churches to intentionally structure and strategize their ministries to fulfill our Lord’s commission to “go and make disciples of all nations”, be they nationals, immigrants or the refugees God has brought to us.

  1. Multiplicational
  • As churches who participate with God in his mission, we minister with the mindset that congregations become not necessarily big but necessarily many. Multiplication shall happen with the Mosaik-DNA but in many different ways and forms, in order to impact every corner of society with the gospel. We call on churches to train disciples to multiply into more disciples, leaders to multiply into more leaders and churches to multiply into more churches.